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Infrastructure and Support

Frontier Science provides software development, web development, and training services to support clinical trials.

Software Development

In addition to commercial computing systems, we develop our own data management systems for specific applications and functions related to research studies and clinical trials. For example, we developed the LDMS, a laboratory information management system with more than 300 installations around the world.

Other applications we have developed include:

  • Interfaces to data management systems such as registration/randomization, data entry, and data retrieval
  • Facilities to collect electronic data from various sources, with each submission processed, logged and monitored
  • Specialized facilities such as a HIV sequencing system to capture, analyze, and store sequencing data from laboratories participating in various clinical trials projects
  • Utilities such as a visit forecaster, blood volume calculator, and patient event summary generator – all designed to help study teams manage and track their patients and their data
  • Utilities such as email lists and materials ordering to provide administrative information and support to collaborators
  • Site-oriented data management utilities such as lookups of unresolved errors and unanswered queries
  • Document perusal and retrieval facilities for items such as forms and protocol documents

Web Development and Maintenance

Our experienced programmers and computer specialists create and maintain web portals for virtually every project in which Frontier Science participates. Designed for secure and seamless collaboration, the websites feature advanced functionalities such as custom interfaces and presentations based on users’ requirements for a particular project.

Education and Training

The Frontier Science team includes technical writers and training specialists who manage ongoing education and training programs for study projects, either onsite or in one of our offices. Supported by manuals, training disks and newsletters, we provide training on a wide range of topics, including:

  • Data collection
  • Use of project-related software
  • Data security and confidentiality
  • Site data management procedures and issues