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Clinical Trials Partnership

Frontier Science and American College of Physicians have partnered to provide clinical trial services to developers of digital health applications. We help prove the effectiveness of their products by conducting rapid, high-quality clinical trials.

Proven Partners for Your Success

Whether your product requires FDA approval or just high-quality evidence for prospective purchasers, Frontier Science and American College of Physicians have the reputation and experience to support and enhance your marketing goals.

Frontier Science has decades of experience in designing, planning, conducting, analyzing, and disseminating clinical trials and results from those trials. You will receive the personal guidance and one-on-one assistance of our experts, without getting lost amongst a large ensemble of major corporate clients. Our turnkey infrastructure will get your clinical trial up and running quickly and deliver the evidence-based data you need for your product to succeed.

American College of Physicians has access to thousands of internal medicine specialists and subspecialists and their patients, with a desire to bring effective new solutions to the practice of medicine. The diversity of practice settings and patient populations we can offer will add to the credibility of your trial's results. As the publisher of Annals of Internal Medicine, one of the most influential medical journals in the world, we can help ensure you conduct a trial that meets the requirements of a demanding publication process.

You will be proud to say that you conducted a successful clinical trial in partnership with Frontier Science and the American College of Physicians. And, if your study is published in Annals, just think of the instant credibility and visibility your product will garner.

Let's work together to provide the evidence-based science you need to successfully bring your product to market.

Why a Trial

Why a Clinical Trial

For your digital health application to be successful in a competitive market you need evidence that will be trusted by health care professionals. Conducting a clinical trial is a critical for showing its safety and efficacy.

There is increased demand for scientific, real life datasets that demonstrate the usefulness of new products. Without a clinical trial, a product may face increased regulatory scrutiny and barriers, a less compelling message for your customers, and a decreased market impact.

Why Us

Why Us

Two leading not-for-profit medical organizations have partnered to create a clinical research service for startup companies, designed for organizations such as yours. We share your goal of proving that your digital health application is safe, effective, and desirable to patients and physicians. We will get you there.

The Frontier Science-ACP partnership can help you with rapid, high-quality studies in a timely and professional manner.

What We Offer

What We Offer

Our experience can help you develop and execute the clinical trial your product needs. We provide:

  • Partnership with you to design a trial that meets your goals
  • Turnkey infrastructure for rapid, high-quality research
  • Testing sites drawn from the American College of Physicians membership
  • Expert documentation of results
  • Publication review from Annals of Internal Medicine
Compliance Assurance

Get Started

We want to hear more about your product and how our services can help you prepare and execute the rapid, high-quality, and respected clinical trial you need for your product to succeed.

To get started, contact Sue Siminski, Executive Director of Frontier Science.

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