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Biostatistics and IDMC Support

Frontier Science biostatisticians collaborate with investigators and protocol specialists in the design, development and monitoring of clinical studies – as well as in the data analysis upon trial completion.

Our biostatisticians collaborate with investigators to design studies and develop documents and forms with protocol specialists. During the conduct of the trial, they monitor the study for treatment toxicities. After the study reaches its specified endpoint the statisticians perform data analysis and participate in manuscript preparation. Many of these clinical trial results have been published in highly respected medical journals and were practice-changing.

Frontier Science has 15 years’ experience serving as an Independent Statistical Center (ISC) to Independent Data Monitoring Committees (IDMCs) for randomized industry trials, providing confidential study monitoring reports evaluating drugs, biologics and devices in a broad spectrum of disease areas. Frontier’s unique approach is to tailor its analyses and reports to properly address the key scientific questions of a study and to convey its findings in a meaningful manner to the IDMC. Frontier staff meet these goals while operating within an underlying framework of standardized processes and systems to contain costs.

For each IDMC, Frontier Science forms a statistical team to plan, execute and validate monitoring reports that are designed to provide succinct risk-benefit information for periodic safety monitoring. Team members attend all IDMC meetings to present reports, discuss the data and answer questions. They perform interim analyses as needed and perform any follow-up analyses requested by the IDMC. The team is also available to provide statistical support to the IDMC at any time over its tenure. Frontier Science has developed a reputation of working collaboratively with IDMCs to ensure that they have a clear and full understanding of the key events and findings of the study.

For more information, visit Frontier Science's Independent Statistical Center (ISC) site. Learn more