Redesigned Precautionary and Prohibited Medications Database

The ACTG and IMPAACT Data Management Center at Frontier Science is pleased to announce the release of the redesigned Precautionary and Prohibited Medications Database (PPMD).

PPMD logo

PPMD is a tool available without needing an account to investigators during protocol development and implementation. Investigators can collate cutting-edge medication interaction data from multiple sources quickly for their protocols. The redesigned PPMD makes it even easier for investigators to search and find the data they need from either a web browser or mobile device. PPMD can show users a list of interactions for a given list of medications and can even generate text to insert into protocols. PPMD also provides on-demand evidence-based interaction reports with pharmacokinetic/pharmacodynamic analyses.

PPMD is a collaboration between the ACTG Network, the University at Buffalo, and Frontier Science Foundation.

To explore PPMD or learn more: