Sue Siminski Named CEO At Frontier Science Foundation

The Frontier Science Foundation Board of Directors has approved a new Chief Executive Officer position and has named Sue Siminski, currently the Foundation’s Executive Director, as the Foundation’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO) effective July 1st.

Sue Siminski named CEO

Sue is an exceptional leader known for her collaborative leadership style and brings decades of experience and expertise to the CEO position. She will oversee the overall operations of the Foundation, including technology, finances, quality assurance, communications and logistics, as well as oversee the Foundation’s extensive project portfolio and future business development initiatives.

Sue has been working in clinical trials data management and related research activities for nearly 30 years. With her sound foundation in data management, Sue advanced the Frontier Science laboratory data division, including development of the company’s laboratory data management system, which is currently used in over 350 laboratories worldwide. Sue has guided numerous large data management collaborations at Frontier Science, software development projects, regulatory oversight and several key projects at the Foundation. She has been involved in the HIV/AIDS clinical trials networks since the early 90s, and currently serves as the Frontier Science Principal Investigator for the Pediatric HIV/AIDS Cohort Study (PHACS), the Clinical Pharmacology Quality Assurance (CPQA) program, and as co-Principal Investigator of the coordinating center for the Collaborating Consortium of Cohorts Producing NIDA Opportunities (C3PNO) project, all programs funded by the National Institutes of Health (NIH).

Top Leadership of the foundation will be shared between the newly developed position of Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and the President/Chief Medical Officer (CMO), Michael Bretthauer, MD PhD. Dr. Bretthauer was named President of Frontier Science Foundation in 2017. Since its inception, Frontier Science has always viewed its statistical and data management services as a collaborative effort, helping researchers and investigators understand and best utilize the data that they are using. As part of this commitment, Dr. Michael Bretthauer brings a diverse medical, academic, research, and publication experience into Frontier Science’s core management.

In addition to clinical work, Dr. Bretthauer has been the principal investigator of the Nordic Initiative on Colorectal Cancer (NordICC), the head of the Colorectal Cancer Screening Group of South-East Norway, and the head of the Network for Clinical Effectiveness in Gastroenterology of South-East Norway. Dr. Bretthauer is a tenured Professor of Medicine at the University of Oslo, a gastroenterologist at Oslo University Hospital and a visiting scientist at the Harvard School of Public Heath. Dr. Bretthauer is credited with over 200 scientific publications. In addition to teaching and supervision for the next generation of medical researchers at the University of Oslo, Dr. Bretthauer is serving as an Associate Editor at Annals of Internal Medicine.

It is Dr. Bretthauer’s belief that dissemination of data and research is one of the most important steps in improving medical practice. “The whole reason we do research,” says Dr. Bretthauer, “is to improve patient care. A prerequisite for change in practice is dissemination. Analysis is just the first step.”

“I am very excited about the promotion of Sue Siminski to CEO of Frontier Science. Sue is an opinion leader in data management and clinical trials. With her outstanding expertise and knowledge and her excellent leadership skills, Frontier Science is perfectly equipped to engage in future endeavors and to explore new exciting areas, such as methodology development, next generation data management, and data sharing facilitation,” said Dr. Bretthauer.

“I’m honored, and grateful to Dr. Bretthauer and the board for the opportunity to lead this exceptional organization of dedicated and talented professionals into the future,” said Siminski. “I have been fortunate to build my career at Frontier Science and throughout this time I have been humbled by the commitment of our employees, and their passion for creating a truly purpose-driven organization committed to advancing research.”

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